E-NSS, is a software that has been designed to digitize the entire process of record keeping for NSS units.


Key Features of E-NSS:

E-NSS, is a software that has been designed to digitize the entire process of record keeping for a University’s NSS unit. It helps you to generate and maintain all your NSS modules such as:

  • Self-registration of colleges.
  • Enrollment form for students (where it auto generates the enrollment number)
  • Tracking, maintenance and auto-calculation of hours for NSS activities allotted to students
  • Generation and submission of all types of proformas.
  • Generation of yearly statistical report (State wise, District wise and College wise)



The types of users that will be using this software are:

1.      Programme Coordinator (PC)

2.      District Coordinator (DC)

3.      Area Coordinator (AC)

4.      Programme Office (PO)

5.      Student/Volunteer

6.      College Registration

The summary of features for each user:

1.      Programme Coordinator (PC):

a.       The Programme Coordinator can add/edit/delete DC and AC. Once the PC adds a DC or AC and assigns an E-Mail ID and Password against them for logging in the software, the password will be E-Mailed to that user’s E-Mail ID.   

b.      The PC can view the list of users added.

c.       In the Masters section, Districts are to be added by the PC.

d.      The PC can assign a District against a DC.

e.       The PC can add/edit/delete/view college details.

f.       A college can be added as Self-Funded or both, by the PC. The PO of these colleges will be notified about this as well.

g.       One or multiple colleges are to be assigned to an AC.

h.      The college code of a college cannot be edited once it has been assigned to an AC.

i.        The PC can view all the reports/proformas sent by a PO of any college. All the details of whom the report was sent will be visible as well.

j.        A Project can be added by the PC and assigned to one or multiple districts. The DC, ACs and POs will be notified regarding the assigned project.

k.      The project can be deleted and viewed by the PC.

l.        The Statistical Report can be viewed district wise and downloaded as an Excel Sheet containing the details of all districts.

m.    In the Profile section (on the top right), profile image can be updated and password can be changed.

n.      The Dashboard contains the cards regarding the number of DC, the number of AC and the number of new reports along with their details.


2.      District Coordinator (DC):

a.       A District Coordinator can add/edit/delete AC and PO.

b.      DC can view the list of users added.