Competence Enhancement Program(CEP)

IIQS CEP Workshop – Striving For Success

Competence Enhancement Program (CEP) Workshop - A Brief Introduction

CEP Workshop organized by the IIQS is aimed at aiding and training the APC Candidates to achieve success in the final assessments to achieve memberships from leading professional bodies like RICS / IIQS / AIQS. IIQS has been conducting these training workshop for the last 9 years. The workshop commenced in the year 2009 and it has improved leaps and bounds hence. From the year 2014 a team of highly experienced and well qualified IIQS team members have been delivering professional expertise and training during these workshop.

Workshop Inclusions:

This workshop deals with the various competencies that are required by the APC Candidates to improve their effectiveness in RICS final assessment preparation and interview. It includes the following:

  •  Mandatory Competencies

    - All candidates, on all RICS routes and all APC pathways, must achieve the defined level of the mandatory competencies. These competencies are a mix of professional practice, interpersonal, business and management skills that are considered common to, and necessary for, all chartered members.

  •  Technical Competencies

    - Which are further divided into

    • Core competencies – primary skills of candidates who have chosen the CEP pathway

    • Optional competencies – selected as an additional skill requirement for candidates of the CEP pathway from a list of competencies relevant to that pathway.

Relevance of CEP workshop from the Perspective of the Employment Opportunities:

This workshop helps APC candidates, among other things, to achieve a Chartered Surveyor status from Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS, UK). This is a globally recognized qualification and is aligned with various universities to ensure that accredited degree courses are relevant to industry. Prospective employers will regard this as a benchmark for expertise.

Importance of CEP workshop to the APC Candidates:

  • It imparts knowledge to APC candidates

  • It enhances career opportunities for the professionals.

  • The MRICS / MAIQS / MIIQS / accreditation is accepted globally by top international companies.

Duration of CEP Workshop:

This training is conducted as numerous workshop for approximately 6 months Session 1 between October and April and Session 2 between March to August. Registration of candidates happen during the months of September and February.

Preparing for the Final Assessment:

There will be a total of 40 hours of training provided for APC candidates who are preparing for the Final Assessment in addition providing them with expert guidance in preparing the Case Study and Summary of Experience. Study material, presentation slides and Q/A will be provided during the sessions for all competencies.

CPD Accreditation:

The workshop accounts for 40 hours of formal continuing professional development, subsequently contributing to the APC candidate’s mandatory CPD training hours. A certificate of attendance will be available after the workshop.

Importance of Enrolling in CEP Workshop:

This program will provide candidates clarity on APC process and will enhance candidates’ knowledge in all relevant competencies to face the Professional Interview through several sessions of face to face guidance by dedicated and extremely competent professionals – Message from IIQS President - Mr. Mathew Varughese

Foremost Reason for Joining CEP Workshop:

Some previous APC candidates, when asked about the foremost reason for attending the CEP workshop, answered the following:

  • Some wanted to improve their knowledge on competencies

  • Some wanted to learn better ethical values that most of the professional organizations promote

  • Some wished to expand their social network

  • While some wanted to spread the knowledge that they have gained to other aspiring candidates

after achieving the membership of a professional organization However, when they were tested through a lie detector test, only one common answer came from all of them, ‘want to make more money by getting the membership of a professional organization’!

Jokes apart, join APC workshop, it hardly matters which of the above reasons might have promoted you to attend! – Message from IIQS Chairman - Mr. Dharmendar Pardasani.

Why IIQS CEP Workshop?

IIQS CEP workshop helps to acquire the latest trends and techniques in the construction industry. These workshop are organized by experienced IIQS board of directors and committee members to help you enrich your professional careers. These workshop cover a majority of QS competencies which in turn help you gain memberships of various international organizations like RICS, IIQS and AIQS – Message from IIQS CEP Committee.


Through the workshop the candidates will understand the requirements of the final assessments and gain the knowledge of mandatory and technical APC competencies. The workshop will cover material from a wide range of professional areas and show how to apply it to professional and technical scenarios as a preparation for the final APC interview. The knowledge gained from these workshop will help you to demonstrate both technical understanding and practical appreciation of the topic matter.

We thank the Organizers, Speakers, Mentors, Counsellors and Volunteers of IIQS CEP Workshop & Congratulate the APC candidates ahead of their pursuit!!!