Mr. Varughese Mathew (Director & President)

Greetings to one and all,

It gives me immense pleasure in addressing to Indian Institute Quantity Surveyors (IIQS) through our new web site. Since our inception in 1998, many of us gained tremendous knowledge and career advancement and the membership of the institute has grown greatly. It is worth to note that year 2007 to 2011 was truly remarkable years and I trust that the progress we made during this period will be written in the history of our Institute.

Our major achievements in 2007 includes our meeting with the Indian Consul General in Dubai where we had the opportunity to exchange views, unveiling of our logo, initiation of our by law, setting professional ethics, reaching membership targets, igniting the desire of members to enhance professional skill, meeting the targeted CPD events, etc.

In 2011, Indian Quantity Surveyors Association (IQSA) renamed to Indian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (IIQS) and successfully incorporated under section 25 of the companies Act, 1956 on 14 October 2011 in India.

Our logo has a burning candle, which signifies giving light to the world. Our Motto is Lighted to Learn and Live which signifies the importance of lifelong learning. As you all know, it is our collective aim and desire to change each chapter into a self-motivated team which will pride itself in doing things rightly and taking decisions based on strong moral values.

With great pleasure we note that Indian Quantity Surveyors are becoming world class professionals in the field of Contracts & Commercial Management of major development projects around the World. This became possible with the vision and efforts of the founder members of IIQS who kept high ethical principle and helped others to enhance their knowledge in Quantity Surveying through mentoring and regular technical seminars. Currently many of our members have already acquired higher qualifications and extended their goals to greater heights. I have absolutely full trust in the ability of our members and I see them as self- motivated and determined with undiluted professional ethics to attain their goals.

It is also worth noting that the facilities available currently to acquire the necessary skills are excellent (such as the opportunity to work with qualified professionals, attending seminars, distance learning courses and attending regular campus courses). Please grab these opportunities for a better tomorrow. As you know it requires determination and hard work at the beginning of every work and therefore we cannot rest until our objectives are met.

In order to progress in our career and public life, I request each member to spare at least 15 minutes a day to assess your own daily task and strategy for the future. We must set goals and ignite a burning desire to succeed by proper planning. Let us aim to reach our goals by setting value based work culture and mutually supportive learning. Indian QS's can make a difference by the way we act and carry out our responsibilities. I know the above points are quite ambitious, but we will succeed with determination & hard work.

A point to be made is that, it would truly be beneficial to our country if the Indian Engineering colleges realize the importance of offering Quantity Surveying courses (as currently Indian Engineering degree does not adequately cover the relevant quantity surveying subjects such as Contract Procedures, Procurement, Construction Law, Dispute Resolution, etc., which are essentially required for effective management of the construction contract at a global level).With the advent of major projects in India we hope that the authorities will understand the importance of offering top notch Quantity surveying courses in India and plug a gap that has long been missing in our country. It is our intention to pursue this matter with the Indian authorities and make a difference for the future generation.

We believe IIQS has laid a foundation here for a global Institute and that we are sure this Institute will branch out all over the world as our vision to expand to other regions is a priority. IIQS foresee attaining chartered status for Quantity Surveyors in India. Dear fellow members let us march forward together with courage and strong moral values for greater success in the years to come.