Competence Enhancement Program (CEP)

Excelencia Global

IIQS appointed EG to provide Management services and continue to keep in force all required approvals for IIQS events and operations in India.

IIQS appointed EG to provide legal immunity including Management services and continue to keep in force all required approvals for IIQS events and operations in UAE.

Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors

Both the AIQS and IIQS recognize the importance of efficient and high standard
national associations for the surveying, and in particular, the quantity surveying profession, which work together in international harmony and friendship.

ICMS - International Construction Measurement Standards

Against a backdrop of tightening public purse strings and growing investment demand, construction industry leaders have joined together to set out a radical new approach to calculate costs for the world’s building and civil engineering projects. In June 2015, a group of professional bodies established at the IMF in Washington D.C. to set out the International Construction Measurement Standards (ICMS) Coalition and called for professionals to support the collaboration and help embed common standards at the heart of construction investment.

IIQS gratefully accepted the invitation to be part ICMS Coalition and taken initiative in involving standard setting committee to drive this journey. IIQS nominated following members to lead ICMS in this remarkable journey:

Trustee Varughese Mathew, IIQS President
SSC Member Sinimol Noushad, IIOS Magazine Editor
Expert Advice – Dharmendar Paradasan, IIQS UAE MC Chairman Kalpesh Sangan, IIQS CEP Mentor

We would like to share the success of bi-weekly call conference attended by Standard Setting Committee (SSC) and monthly call conference attended by trustees around the globe. Due to different time zones,  here were two calls for East and West Zone, each call attended by SSC/trustees wishing good morning,  good afternoon and good night, though the systematic progress of agenda lead by the Chairman was astonishing and was a great experience for us. No disruption or doubt raised by any of the trustees. This was a great experience of how a major task can be achieved by a group of professional from around the globe. Nationality, religion, language was not at all a barrier in making this mission possible.

IESC – International Ethics Standard Coalition

The International Ethics Standards Coalition first met at the United Nations in New York in October 2014. The coalition members agreed that in many parts of the world, there is a real and perceived problem with an inconsistent approach to ethics in Land, Property, Construction and Infrastructure related professions which must be addressed.

IIQS gratefully accepted the invitation to be part IESC Coalition and taken initiative in involving Standard Setting Committee to drive this journey. IIQS nominated following members to lead IESC in this remarkable journey:

Co-Trustee Varughese Mathew, IIQS President

Trustee E.V. Johnson Neil, IIOS, Vice President

IIQS is a proud coalition member of IESC and attended recent trustees meeting in Athens, Greece on 8th December 2017 alongside the FIBACI European Congress. The IESC became visible in making their voice heard to adopt the ethical principles in organizations around the globe.

Aims and Objectives
Land, Property, Construction and Infrastructure are integral to whole societies and economies, it shapes and influences the world we live in and represents a significant proportion of all global wealth. It is also a major part of the GDP of any country. For these reasons, professionals have a duty to uphold their decisions, transactions and business in these areas with utmost transparency and truthfulness for the benefit of the society throughout the world.

It is a commendable task attained by the coalition, that within two-year times, the coalition could lay down the ethical principles, an over-arching standard to which all land, property, construction infrastructure, and related professional organizations can adopt to regulate themselves.

Currently IESC has more than 120 non-profit coalition members, 5 government supporters, more than 20 academic supporters and more than80 business supporters. This shows a huge number of organizations already became IESC supporting organization. It is indeed good news for the society at large to see transparencies and values are being adopted formally. IIQS in consultation with their membership will incorporate the principles of IESC in their core values.

For those who are not familiar with the standard, please download it from IIQS website